Jukebox From Hell



  • Why "The Jukebox from Hell?

    - Why not? It's just a fun way of describing an imaginary jukebox full of these classic songs. Enjoy your visit.


  • Hey! Are you making fun of these songs?

    - Not really. As strange as it sounds, most people, after the inital shock, find they actually like the songs. It reminds them of a time gone by...


  • Can I tell you what's in my Jukebox From Hell?

    - Sure! Send you list on over - we might include some of your favs in a future update. E-mail us: curator@JukeboxFromHell.com


  • Why does the site look so old school?

    - The site was orignally created in 1996 as one of the first sites on the Internet. We have decided to keep the look as it once was.
Flash? Java? Huh?


  • Can I hear the songs?

    - Sadly, not on our site. But, if you click the links in each list, you will be brought to a page on Amazon featuring the song, which, in many cases, has an audio file you can hear.


  • Can I buy the songs?

    - Most of them, Yes! Click the links in each list and you will be brought to a page on Amazon featuring the song or artist.
Some of the deeper cuts are no longer in print.


  • What if I need to know more?

    - Send us an E-mail: curator@JukeboxFromHell.com




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With a few minor exceptions, this page is presented exactly as it was first enjoyed on the Internet in 1996